Clinton Cards goes into Administration

So, another one bites the dust… its a shame to see such a large High Street chain to go down again. Its really imperative that companies embrace new ways engage customers and offer a fantastic product.

Maybe this is just the first in a shift of movements away from the crass cards Clinton’s has been chucking out, cards that say I cant be bothered to write my own message to you in, and cards that aren’t funny anymore. At least the Phoenix cards are all blank inside so they are neutral and can be personalised by yourself. With our great value offer when you purchase more than 10 cards, you can easily stock up and quite cheaply keep cards aside for those unknown occasions.

The internet is proving more popular now especially with Moonpig and Funky Pigeon increasing their market shares, and personalised cards that say “thankyou” or “i love you” mean more than a generic message does.

The BBC has recently reported that “the UK is actually sending more greeting cards than ever, despite the fact that Clintons has gone bust.  Last year saw a 3% rise in card sales compared with 2009, and while Clinton Cards may have struggled, other chains such as Scribbler and Paperchase flourished.”

Stephen Bayley says that “Nowadays any fool can reach 50 million people after a few minutes heartless work on a keypad, but reaching an individual is altogether more interesting. In the same way that a single witty postcard is worth more than 25 million Tweets, a card suggests something that went missing in the digital revolution: intimacy.”

I’m so proud to be a Phoenix Trader right now, I have an excellent product that is so versatile and a business offer that is incredibly flexible.


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