Fathers Day on 17th June – greeting card ideas

Fathers Day will soon be upon us, so I have taken the time to write down my top cards and gift ideas whether it be for your Dad, your Grandad, Father-in-Law, or Step-Dad.

Here are my Great Card ideas for Fathers Day:

Don’t forget, all cards are blank inside so you can write your own personalised message. All general greeting cards cost £1.50 each, or £1.20 each when any 10 or more are purchased from the range.
Great Gift Ideas (Includes Gift Wrap) for Fathers Day. 
  1. RBS46 Garden Planner
  2. BM07 Wine Bottle Bookmark
  3. BM23 Camper Vans Bookmark
  4. OB5 Gardening Organiser Box
  5. GW123 Blue and Green Stripes Wrapping Paper
  6. GW107 This and That Wrapping Paper
  7. GW92 Gardening Images Wrapping Paper
  8. GW97 Little Wine Images Wrapping Paper
  9. GW84 Sports Wrapping Paper
  10. GW125 Camper Vans Wrapping Paper

Just click on the links to be taken to the products to view online, you can then order from there too.

Buy British!
All Phoenix Trading products are great value, the cards are printed on recycled board from Scotland, we are working towards using vegetable based only inks and the cards are printed and finished in the UK too. Support the British Print Industry and small businesses by buying Phoenix Trading products from me your Independent Phoenix Trader Lyndsey Beaman.



Top 10 Selling Cards – April 2012

Here are the top 10 selling greeting cards for April 2012, see what everyone else has been buying from Phoenix.

  1. LS20 Butterfly Cupcakes
  2. WS162 Birthday Cupcake
  3. WS212 Patriotic Cupcakes
  4. LS07 Dragonflies
  5. AL69 Blue Butterfly
  6. JY57 Anniversary Years
  7. LS41 Fans
  8. WS216 Flags and Crowns
  9. WS219 Compact Cars
  10. GM01 Box of Cakes

Seems like cupcakes are in favour, but which are your favorites?