DIY Bride & Groom Toasting Flutes


Time’s ticking. It’s getting down to the wire. My sister’s wedding is around the corner and there are tons of little details to perfect. At first, she called my dad “the bridezilla” and now it seems like that label has been passed down to me.

The bride, herself is fairly calm and collective. My father, me, and my oldest sister? Another story. Operating on wedding mode, I’ve lost sleep and wedding stuff is ALL I think about 23hrs/day. The other hour is dedicated to Zoey.

On the brighter side, at least it’s not my wedding b/c that event was the most exhausting thing me and my husband have ever experienced. Of course, we enjoyed our day but the weeks leading up to the big day were pure chaos. This is because I’m quite a perfectionist and my husband? Much more of a perfectionist than I can ever be. Imagine, us…

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