About Me

Hi, My name is Lyndsey Beaman, I live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I am an Independent Phoenix Trader and I sell a beautiful range of greeting cards and stationery items from Phoenix Trading.

I absolutely fell in love with the products when I saw them through a friend. I couldn’t believe they were such great value at only £1.20 each (when you bought 10 or more). I thought they were going to be of poor quality but I was wrong, these were far better than you can get on the High Street in town!

I realised that there was a business opportunity and signed up to Phoenix Trading for just £45, the price has since come done to £30 and now includes an e-commerce website. I received by business kit and got started by telling all my friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours as quickly as I could! I soon had many orders coming through and very happy customers.

5 years later, my Phoenix business has gone from strength to strength. I have a vast list of regular customers across the country, my local customers in Sheffield enjoy my friendly face to face approach, and I attend local events selling cards at schools and Summer fetes etc. I’m currently pushing my online business through promotion of my website Lyndsey’s Cards where you can buy the Phoenix Trading range online for a small delivery fee of £3.70.




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