Butterfly Tea Party | Charity Fundraiser

This month I’m helping to raise £50,000 for Together for Short Lives, the UK’s leading charity for children’s hospice care.

June 2014 is Phoenix Trading’s Butterfly Tea Party month. For the whole of the month, Phoenix Trading will make a donation to Together for Short Lives for everything purchased from the new Charity Supplement. Donations vary from 20p to £2 per product.

Click here to view this as an online magazine, or click here to download a pdf version.

If you live in Sheffield, I still have a few dates in my diary for Butterfly Tea Parties, and if you would like to get some friends together for a coffee and a slice of cake, or a glass of wine and a few nibbles, I will happily bring around my cards and stationery.

In addition to the product donations, I will be donating an extra 10% of all of my sales at Butterfly Tea Parties, to this worthy cause.

Not only will you have a chance to browse my new products and catch up with friends, you will be raising money for a wonderful charity, supporting children and their families here in the UK.

To order online just visit my website, or to enquire about hosting a tea party please email.












Review about the new online ordering process

Recently my Phoenix website was upgraded, and the upgrade meant that my customers could now purchase their cards and accessories directly online through a secure visa/mastercard transaction!

My next step was to test the online ordering facility to see how it works and to work out any niggly bits, so via post on my facebook page I asked for a volunteer customer to road-test the order process in return for feedback and a refund on their order. Within 3 minutes of writing the post, I had a call from a very eager Jo from Wiltshire.  Here is the feedback to the questions I asked Jo:-

1) Ease of ordering. Please describe how easy it is to navigate through the menu’s on the e-commerce website.

Pretty simple, I ended up just working my way through the left hand menus to browse all the products on the site. There are a lot there and I think it would definitely be easier with a brochure in hand but I think I managed to have a look at most products.

2) Did you find what you was looking for?
Most things yes and a few more than I expected too!!  I was disappointed that the Great Britain colour in map was sold out though as that looked fantastic. There was no indication of when it might come back into stock either.
3) How was the checkout facility on the website?
Very simple to use, really impressed.
4) Did you receive an email confirmation of the order?
Yes, immediately
5) Did you receive a despatch confirmation?
Yes – next day
6) Did the goods arrive on time?
it took 8 days from order (6 working days) so slightly longer than quoted but still pretty reasonable 
7) How was they packaged? Arrived safely?
Well packaged – no damage to any of the contents – was slightly worried as I had to cut open the packaging to get into it and was worried I might damage the cards inside but it was ok in the end.
8) Would you buy the cards again?
Yes, if I couldn’t find a Phoenix person locally to save postage I would definitely consider ordering online 
9) Would you recommend me to your friends?
Absolutely, your website is very friendly and welcoming and the ordering is very easy
10) Are you interested in the business opportunity yourself?
Fraid not, I’m already a Jamie at Home Consultant! 🙂

Jo ordered a selection of cards and notecards and spent £20 on her order in total.

I’m really pleased that everything worked out well for Jo, and I hope to welcome her as a future customer. I’m happy that the online facility is working properly and that deliveries are arrving safely. I will be passing the comments back to Phoenix Trading about including a due back in stock date on the website for anything that is out of stock and ways of speeding up deliveries to within 5 business days.

Look what I got for free this month!

I’ve just earned all the stuff in this picture for free!  Phoenix Trading HQ made us a fantastic offer for the new year, and if you are thinking about joining Phoenix as a trader,  you will be eligible for this offer too.
All traders who achieve over £150BV (sales at trader cost) will receive the following new products, worth £46 at retail value from the new 2013 brochure, absolutely FREE. I love my job!
BM36 Spot the Chicken Bookmark £0.50
GW131 Puzzles Giftwrap £1.00
GT131 Puzzles Gift Tag £0.50
GW132 Purple Butterfly Giftwrap £1.00
GT132 Purple Butterfly Gift Tag £0.50
IV92 Teacup Invitation (two designs) £4.00
M96 Postcard £4.00
CP001 Colour in Mini Cards £3.00
CP002 Colour in Animal Train £4.50
CP003 Colour in British Isles Poster £6.00
P25 Times Table Poster £6.00
RBS54 Compact Cars Mini Jotter Pad £2.00
RBS55 On the Telephone Mini Jotter Pad £2.00
RBS57 Birdhouse Mini Jotter Pad £2.00
TY101 Party Elephant Thank You £4.00
3D05 Champagne Glasses 3D Card £2.50
3D06 Building Blocks 3D Card £2.50
Total Value £46.00

Just Under 2 Days Left!
Anyone joining before 31st January will have 30 days from joining to achieve 150BV to earn their £46 free gift. And if you join with an Introductory Pack 3, you will automatically qualify and receive your free products alongside your Business Kit. What better way to get started in business?!  Find out more on my Phoenix Website.

Why not talk to me about becoming a Phoenix Trader? Or if you know anyone else who may be interested in joining then please reblog!Image

Happy 2013! Happy Business!

Apologies for the lack of posts on here, I’ve been very busy this year with all the new Card & Wine parties I booked in the run up to Chirstmas. This year I offered my customers a free gift wrapping demonstration if they booked a party, and this was a great sucess story for me. My customers loved the additional tips they picked up such as the basic tips for wrapping, some floristry bows and wrapping wine bottles. Fingers crossed for next the next party I book as I’m going to roll this out permanently due to its sucess.

After my busiest ever sales period in my Phoenix business history, its now time to chill out and relax in January (not)! We have a new 2013 brochure packed with new card and stationery designs from the Phoenix Trading range, a new sponsorship initiative for new traders and an incentive to earn 150PV in January to receive £46 worth of free products. On top of all that, I have 50 brochures to prepare with sample cards to post and distribute too! I think I’ll have a busy January ahead don’t you?!

When I received my copy of the new brochure in December, I was so thrilled to read through it! Its in a great new colour scheme, new silk finish pages, index page, and my new favourites are the greeting card planner and order form located on the rear pages. My customers will love these new additions, and especially seen as the brochure is much easier to navigate through than previous editions they wont be able to put it down!


In January if you register yourself as a Phoenix Trader then you have the additional opportunity to receive a free gift which includes £46 worth of free products from the new product range. All you have to do is achieve 150BV in personal volume within 30 days of joining and Phoenix will include the free gift within your qualifying order. If you join Phoenix with a pack 3, for example, Phoenix would ship your free gift with your business kit on day one. This should get anyone joining my team onto a fabulous start.

If you would like to speak to me about becoming an Independent Phoenix Trader, then please contact me or view the attached link for more information.

Wishing all my customers a great 2013.

Don’s Say the ‘C’ Word!

I’m getting ready for the Christmas Countdown and starting to organise my business and my time effectively. I’ve just finished reading through my latest newsletter and the new Christmas Supplement that Phoenix Trading sent to me over the weekend. This Christmas promises to be extraordinary, I love many of the new products and I can spot a few great sellers already!

At Phoenix HQ, over three and a half million cards, 30,000 gift bags, 40,000 bookmarks, and 50,000 advent calendars have arrived in stock. It promises to be a bumper Christmas, I’m sooo excited. Its leading up to the busiest time of the year for a Phoenix Trader, so I’ve already started my preparations in August! I’m in the process of compiling a database of customers of whom I will be sending the Christmas Supplement to, I’ve been teasing customers about the forth-coming release and asking them to host a party event for me.

I’m also attending a Gift Wrapping Course in the next few weeks to pick up new skills for wrapping a present in the best possible way, and tying lovely bows on them. I will then use these new skills to offer free demonstrations to customers who book a Christmas Cards & Wine Party. If you are interested in having a Christmas party event to earn free products and spread the cost of Christmas, please contact me (available in the Sheffield area only).

The entire Christmas range is available to view and buy on my website, so please feel free to be the first to see it!

Summer Fayre at Mosborough Primary School

On Saturday 7th July I attended the annual summer fayre at Mosborough Primary School. I had prepared my event well in advance and I had taken a great selection of cards, gift wrap and stationery items with me.

Thankfully the weather stayed dry and bright, but I didn’t want to take the risk of an outdoor stall and opted to have a table in one of the classrooms. The event was very popular and plenty of people were interested in my products. Many had heard of Phoenix Trading before and bought some cards. If they didn’t purchase anything then I made sure people left with a brochure to take home, and everyone was invited to take part in the free prize draw for £20 of vouchers to spend.

I also displayed a message board for people who may be interested in joining my team of Independent Phoenix Traders, it gives some short snappy and great reasons to join. Whether you are in the UK, France, Australia, New Zealand or USA then you can join my team of Phoenix Traders and run your own greeting card and stationery business like me too, click here to find out more.

I spoke to lots of other stall holders who were in the same classroom too, there were people there from Usbourne Books, Partylite, and handmade jewellery makers too. Everyone reported great sales on the day, I took around £22 which isn’t too bad but if I had taken the risk of an outside stall with more footfall then I could have sold more. Trust the weather to stay dry! I mainly sold cards, but paperchains, and family organisers did well too! I took lots of contacts away from the prize draw, so maybe more good will come from that in future.

I’m looking for more events and for home party events from now on, its such a great way to meet new people and drive up sales. If you’re interested in hosting a Phoenix Card Party at home with friends then please contact me here. Party Hosts will receive 25% off their own order.

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Making the most out of new opportunities

I’ve been tweeting, using facebook and developing my website in order to generate an online presence. Its a new market audience I can target and its free to use and works for me 24/7 so why not?

I have some great news! I’ve been featured in a blog by Charlotte Biggs who is a craft and card blogger, I sent in some card designs and brochures for her to see and she has featured me in her latest blog. Read it here
Card & Gift Blog

I’m very pleased to get a mention, hopefully more traffic can be directed to my website through this. Fingers crossed for the rest of 2012!

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Fathers Day on 17th June – greeting card ideas

Fathers Day will soon be upon us, so I have taken the time to write down my top cards and gift ideas whether it be for your Dad, your Grandad, Father-in-Law, or Step-Dad.

Here are my Great Card ideas for Fathers Day:

Don’t forget, all cards are blank inside so you can write your own personalised message. All general greeting cards cost £1.50 each, or £1.20 each when any 10 or more are purchased from the range.
Great Gift Ideas (Includes Gift Wrap) for Fathers Day. 
  1. RBS46 Garden Planner
  2. BM07 Wine Bottle Bookmark
  3. BM23 Camper Vans Bookmark
  4. OB5 Gardening Organiser Box
  5. GW123 Blue and Green Stripes Wrapping Paper
  6. GW107 This and That Wrapping Paper
  7. GW92 Gardening Images Wrapping Paper
  8. GW97 Little Wine Images Wrapping Paper
  9. GW84 Sports Wrapping Paper
  10. GW125 Camper Vans Wrapping Paper

Just click on the links to be taken to the products to view online, you can then order from there too.

Buy British!
All Phoenix Trading products are great value, the cards are printed on recycled board from Scotland, we are working towards using vegetable based only inks and the cards are printed and finished in the UK too. Support the British Print Industry and small businesses by buying Phoenix Trading products from me your Independent Phoenix Trader Lyndsey Beaman.


Top 10 Selling Cards – April 2012

Here are the top 10 selling greeting cards for April 2012, see what everyone else has been buying from Phoenix.

  1. LS20 Butterfly Cupcakes
  2. WS162 Birthday Cupcake
  3. WS212 Patriotic Cupcakes
  4. LS07 Dragonflies
  5. AL69 Blue Butterfly
  6. JY57 Anniversary Years
  7. LS41 Fans
  8. WS216 Flags and Crowns
  9. WS219 Compact Cars
  10. GM01 Box of Cakes

Seems like cupcakes are in favour, but which are your favorites?

Clinton Cards goes into Administration

So, another one bites the dust… its a shame to see such a large High Street chain to go down again. Its really imperative that companies embrace new ways engage customers and offer a fantastic product.

Maybe this is just the first in a shift of movements away from the crass cards Clinton’s has been chucking out, cards that say I cant be bothered to write my own message to you in, and cards that aren’t funny anymore. At least the Phoenix cards are all blank inside so they are neutral and can be personalised by yourself. With our great value offer when you purchase more than 10 cards, you can easily stock up and quite cheaply keep cards aside for those unknown occasions.

The internet is proving more popular now especially with Moonpig and Funky Pigeon increasing their market shares, and personalised cards that say “thankyou” or “i love you” mean more than a generic message does.

The BBC has recently reported that “the UK is actually sending more greeting cards than ever, despite the fact that Clintons has gone bust.  Last year saw a 3% rise in card sales compared with 2009, and while Clinton Cards may have struggled, other chains such as Scribbler and Paperchase flourished.”

Stephen Bayley says that “Nowadays any fool can reach 50 million people after a few minutes heartless work on a keypad, but reaching an individual is altogether more interesting. In the same way that a single witty postcard is worth more than 25 million Tweets, a card suggests something that went missing in the digital revolution: intimacy.”

I’m so proud to be a Phoenix Trader right now, I have an excellent product that is so versatile and a business offer that is incredibly flexible.