Review about the new online ordering process

Review about the new online ordering process.


Look what I got for free this month!

I’ve just earned all the stuff in this picture for free!  Phoenix Trading HQ made us a fantastic offer for the new year, and if you are thinking about joining Phoenix as a trader,  you will be eligible for this offer too.
All traders who achieve over £150BV (sales at trader cost) will receive the following new products, worth £46 at retail value from the new 2013 brochure, absolutely FREE. I love my job!
BM36 Spot the Chicken Bookmark £0.50
GW131 Puzzles Giftwrap £1.00
GT131 Puzzles Gift Tag £0.50
GW132 Purple Butterfly Giftwrap £1.00
GT132 Purple Butterfly Gift Tag £0.50
IV92 Teacup Invitation (two designs) £4.00
M96 Postcard £4.00
CP001 Colour in Mini Cards £3.00
CP002 Colour in Animal Train £4.50
CP003 Colour in British Isles Poster £6.00
P25 Times Table Poster £6.00
RBS54 Compact Cars Mini Jotter Pad £2.00
RBS55 On the Telephone Mini Jotter Pad £2.00
RBS57 Birdhouse Mini Jotter Pad £2.00
TY101 Party Elephant Thank You £4.00
3D05 Champagne Glasses 3D Card £2.50
3D06 Building Blocks 3D Card £2.50
Total Value £46.00

Just Under 2 Days Left!
Anyone joining before 31st January will have 30 days from joining to achieve 150BV to earn their £46 free gift. And if you join with an Introductory Pack 3, you will automatically qualify and receive your free products alongside your Business Kit. What better way to get started in business?!  Find out more on my Phoenix Website.

Why not talk to me about becoming a Phoenix Trader? Or if you know anyone else who may be interested in joining then please reblog!Image

Getting ready for Christmas, already!

I’m currently very busy with getting started with Christmas. I know its only August, but my business is set to increase 100% leading up to Christmas.

I’m very excited about the new product lines which Phoenix have brought out this year, there is a great selection of cards, new wrapping paper and accessories. All this should prove very easy to sell. 

Why am I starting so early with Christmas? Easy answer: the more preparations and planning I do will increase my sales!

I’ve submitted my mailing list database to Phoenix Trading last week, the mailing house will post the new brochure out to my customers for me. Another easy win! 100 customers will be receiving a copy come mid-September. My brochure is my like my Shop Window, I need as many people to see it as possible. 

Last week I attended a gift wrapping course with More Pretty Things to learn new gift wrapping techniques. I’ve covered the basics of wrapping boxes, odd shapes, bottles and some Japanese Pleating skills. I’ve since gone and bought lots of ribbons, wrapping paper and cellophane! I’m going to be offering these skills on a free demonstration basis to customers which have a Christmas Card & Wine Party. I just need to find time over the weekend to tell them all! 



I’m opening my house to all my customers for an all day Card Party on 22nd September. From 1pm and 6pm anyone can pop by to see the new Christmas range and have a gift wrapping demonstration. Its going to be sooo much fun! Hopefully people can see the potential of hosting their own party event too. 

All the stock is ordered, so I’m looking forward to a busy sales period.

But if you cannot wait to see the new range, pop over to by website and take a look.


Card Basket Sales on the Up!

Last week I took my basket of cards into work and left them in the kitchen as usual. I was very surprised over the course of the week to sell £44.00! Everyone loved the new selection of cards and really loved the way to purchase them, the value for money and convenience really makes their day. No trips to the shops equals no parking, no queuing, and no crying children! Happy Lyndsey.

I included all the new cards from the Spring, and Summer collections (about 100 cards), gift wrap & tags, postcards, and my new top seller – Paperchains!

I’ll return the basket of cards to the kitchen soon and I’ll be preparing more baskets to send to local businesses and to my friends and family. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

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Fathers Day on 17th June – greeting card ideas

Fathers Day will soon be upon us, so I have taken the time to write down my top cards and gift ideas whether it be for your Dad, your Grandad, Father-in-Law, or Step-Dad.

Here are my Great Card ideas for Fathers Day:

Don’t forget, all cards are blank inside so you can write your own personalised message. All general greeting cards cost £1.50 each, or £1.20 each when any 10 or more are purchased from the range.
Great Gift Ideas (Includes Gift Wrap) for Fathers Day. 
  1. RBS46 Garden Planner
  2. BM07 Wine Bottle Bookmark
  3. BM23 Camper Vans Bookmark
  4. OB5 Gardening Organiser Box
  5. GW123 Blue and Green Stripes Wrapping Paper
  6. GW107 This and That Wrapping Paper
  7. GW92 Gardening Images Wrapping Paper
  8. GW97 Little Wine Images Wrapping Paper
  9. GW84 Sports Wrapping Paper
  10. GW125 Camper Vans Wrapping Paper

Just click on the links to be taken to the products to view online, you can then order from there too.

Buy British!
All Phoenix Trading products are great value, the cards are printed on recycled board from Scotland, we are working towards using vegetable based only inks and the cards are printed and finished in the UK too. Support the British Print Industry and small businesses by buying Phoenix Trading products from me your Independent Phoenix Trader Lyndsey Beaman.