Review about the new online ordering process

Recently my Phoenix website was upgraded, and the upgrade meant that my customers could now purchase their cards and accessories directly online through a secure visa/mastercard transaction!

My next step was to test the online ordering facility to see how it works and to work out any niggly bits, so via post on my facebook page I asked for a volunteer customer to road-test the order process in return for feedback and a refund on their order. Within 3 minutes of writing the post, I had a call from a very eager Jo from Wiltshire.  Here is the feedback to the questions I asked Jo:-

1) Ease of ordering. Please describe how easy it is to navigate through the menu’s on the e-commerce website.

Pretty simple, I ended up just working my way through the left hand menus to browse all the products on the site. There are a lot there and I think it would definitely be easier with a brochure in hand but I think I managed to have a look at most products.

2) Did you find what you was looking for?
Most things yes and a few more than I expected too!!  I was disappointed that the Great Britain colour in map was sold out though as that looked fantastic. There was no indication of when it might come back into stock either.
3) How was the checkout facility on the website?
Very simple to use, really impressed.
4) Did you receive an email confirmation of the order?
Yes, immediately
5) Did you receive a despatch confirmation?
Yes – next day
6) Did the goods arrive on time?
it took 8 days from order (6 working days) so slightly longer than quoted but still pretty reasonable 
7) How was they packaged? Arrived safely?
Well packaged – no damage to any of the contents – was slightly worried as I had to cut open the packaging to get into it and was worried I might damage the cards inside but it was ok in the end.
8) Would you buy the cards again?
Yes, if I couldn’t find a Phoenix person locally to save postage I would definitely consider ordering online 
9) Would you recommend me to your friends?
Absolutely, your website is very friendly and welcoming and the ordering is very easy
10) Are you interested in the business opportunity yourself?
Fraid not, I’m already a Jamie at Home Consultant! 🙂

Jo ordered a selection of cards and notecards and spent £20 on her order in total.

I’m really pleased that everything worked out well for Jo, and I hope to welcome her as a future customer. I’m happy that the online facility is working properly and that deliveries are arrving safely. I will be passing the comments back to Phoenix Trading about including a due back in stock date on the website for anything that is out of stock and ways of speeding up deliveries to within 5 business days.


Look what I got for free this month!

I’ve just earned all the stuff in this picture for free!  Phoenix Trading HQ made us a fantastic offer for the new year, and if you are thinking about joining Phoenix as a trader,  you will be eligible for this offer too.
All traders who achieve over £150BV (sales at trader cost) will receive the following new products, worth £46 at retail value from the new 2013 brochure, absolutely FREE. I love my job!
BM36 Spot the Chicken Bookmark £0.50
GW131 Puzzles Giftwrap £1.00
GT131 Puzzles Gift Tag £0.50
GW132 Purple Butterfly Giftwrap £1.00
GT132 Purple Butterfly Gift Tag £0.50
IV92 Teacup Invitation (two designs) £4.00
M96 Postcard £4.00
CP001 Colour in Mini Cards £3.00
CP002 Colour in Animal Train £4.50
CP003 Colour in British Isles Poster £6.00
P25 Times Table Poster £6.00
RBS54 Compact Cars Mini Jotter Pad £2.00
RBS55 On the Telephone Mini Jotter Pad £2.00
RBS57 Birdhouse Mini Jotter Pad £2.00
TY101 Party Elephant Thank You £4.00
3D05 Champagne Glasses 3D Card £2.50
3D06 Building Blocks 3D Card £2.50
Total Value £46.00

Just Under 2 Days Left!
Anyone joining before 31st January will have 30 days from joining to achieve 150BV to earn their £46 free gift. And if you join with an Introductory Pack 3, you will automatically qualify and receive your free products alongside your Business Kit. What better way to get started in business?!  Find out more on my Phoenix Website.

Why not talk to me about becoming a Phoenix Trader? Or if you know anyone else who may be interested in joining then please reblog!Image